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Covering the British Rallycross Championship

When I covering the British Rallycross Championship it really does mean that sometimes its all about being in the right place at the right time and of course being ready and having everything close to hand!

This time Championship contender Grahame Rodemark was good enough to launch his car into the air at round 1 of the Britsh Rallycross Championship at Lydden Hill Race Circuit in Kent, UK.

British Rallycross Championship

British Rallycross Championship Round 1 Lydden Hill 16th March 2013 MSA Suzuki Swift Sport Winner Graham Rodemark gets airbourne (c) MATT BRISTOW

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Kent Press Photographer – Sport and Her Majesty!

This is the time of year as a kent press photographer I spend most of my working days covering school sports days and atheletics meetings

Its all about the facial expressions and the achievments for event coverage, its what parents want to see, but as a Kent press photographer I cant help but focus on the action!

Kent Press Photographer

However I did find time for a few other assignments!

Between the 17th and 21st I was accredited to cover the 118th Amateur Golf Championships at Royal Cinque Ports in Deal. When I applied I had thought it was going to be an easy week a bit of work walking around a nice sunny links course. I couldn’t have been more wrong! torrential rain and hurricane strength wind

Kent Press Photographer

It was very hard work but hugely enjoyable, especially as it was right on the door step and didn’t require traveling.

Congratulations to Garrick Porteous on his well played victory.

Kent Press Photographer

The 5 Scots  have been part of Canterbury for 10 years and are leaving at the end of this year, so anything to do with them is a good job to cover. So when the battalian exercised their freedom of the city by marching through the high street it was an easy decision to go and do it. Stuff like this is all about finding that angle that nobody else has high low, infront. Sometimes you have to get in the way! if the band members looking at me weren’t playing I think they would be pointing and laughing at me!

Kent Photographer

I also managed to get on some scaffolding to get some high shots, which only cost me a few beer vouchers. But alas all the shots were totally shite. So as you can probably tell I worked hard at this one. So in the cathedral yard I casually snapped the mascot entering to check my flash was working OK before the march arrived. This was the image that the Daily Telegraph picked up on! (page 6 on the 16th if anyones interested)

The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, 5th Battalion the Royal regiment of Scotland (5SCOTS) will exercise its Freedom of Canterbury.

This also lead onto an invite to go and cover the Queens visit to Howe Barracks

Kent Photographer


Earlier in the month I also got to go and do an editorial portrait of the voice of Big Brother none other than Marus Bentley

Kent Press Photographer