Hurricane Burtha Blows Through

Hurricane Burtha hit the UK over the weekend of 10th August 2014

Hurricane Burtha hit the UK and I was working. The call went out from the picture desk to get ‘Weather’ pictures. Great was my first thought, here we go again!

I happened to be covering the Ashford and Folkestone area for KMG so headed towards the coast to see what was happening and was would make a good frame. I must admit what I found was a little surprising to me. Surfing in Folkestone! (apparently not that unusual by all accounts) At this point I feel I ought to point out that I am from Devon originally and spent a fair amount of my formative years surfing on the North coast. Moreover I have never turned my lens towards surfing and I felt it worthy as a nice spin on what would undoubtedly be a plethora of flood and downed tree images. We will see when the papers hit the shops if my alternative ‘spin’ idea was picked up on or not.

I really enjoyed it for the brief time I was actually shooting for. If you want to see how it should be done however you need to check out the work of Alex Williams who has been traveling the world for the last 20 plus years capturing stunning surfing imagary.

Hurricane Burtha

In closing here’s my favorite. I wonder what was going through his mind right at this moment!

Hurricane Burtha