Dover Athletic – a game of survival?

A question. Whats the hardest part of being a sports photographer shooting football? The answer, covering a game of the club you support when they are struggling and you have to get pictures that are newsworthy! roughly translated means I had to basically cover them getting stuffed and be at the end of goals!

Its been a pretty hard week/season at Dover. No Sh*t Sherlock I hear you say. But, probably not for the reasons that are immediately obvious. But enough of that as I am no pundit or reporter, I am just a humble photographer that sits and takes pictures of what happens in front of me! Here are just a few personal favourites from today’s clash against high flying Salford City FC. It was however, not the result that the club wanted but in my opinion a lot of positives to take away. To be fair the difference was this fella, Adam Rooney currently top scorer in the league, and today he bagged a hat trick in what has to be said style.

Dover Athletic - a game of survival

Salford’s defender Carl Piergianni celebrates with Salford’s forward Adam Rooney after scoring his hat-trick during the National League match between Dover Athletic FC and Salford City FC.

I think for now, Dover’s problems are clear and simple. But as a rudderless ship adrift in the suddenly very competitive National League. However, salvation will come from a very strong leader be that who it may. It is my peronsla opinion is that at this level now to succeed you just have to be full time. But I guess this week will be full of announcements and revelations.

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