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Kent Freelance Photographer and by the very nature of the photography work. Means that variety is most definitely a good explanation of my working life.

Matt Bristow | Kent Freelance Photographer

So sit back enjoy a cup of your favorite brew and take a look at what Kent Freelance Photographer that covers Press and PR, Sports and Commercial professional photographer gets up to. One day I can be pitch side at a Premiership football game and the next in a plane shooting aerial shots of a clients premises or covering a live music event.

Due to the nature of being freelance I shoot for a wide section of publications at opposite ends of the scale. I have had my worked used by national publications such as the Daily Mirror and Sunday Mirror, The Guardian and the Telegraph as well as local media company Kent Messenger Group which publishes news papers across Kent. I also shoot for United National Photographers (UNP)

I also shoot a fair amount of automotive features and Motorsport work. To see some of that work please visit

Oh yeah, and I’m quite partial to using Instagram while I’m out and about But that is strictly pictures from my phone!

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