Matt Bristow Wedding Photography!

Matt Bristow Wedding Photography. No your not seeing things I shot a wedding, well sort of!

Firstly let me clear a couple of things up! I haven’t taken leave of my senses.

  • I’m not starting to ‘do’ weddings.
  • Motorsport and sport in general are what I do and will continue to do so.
  • I was invited to the wedding in any case!

Here’s what happened. About a year ago I met up with a good mate Neil. Whom hadn’t seen for a while and over the first pint he calmly announces that he was getting hitched. So I felt it my solemn duty to celebrate with him. However after quite a few more celebratory ‘sherries’ the conversation went a bit like this:

Neil: So Matt, we are doing this on a budget can you bring your camera and take a few snaps

Me: erm OK, but you do know I mostly shoot press and sport stuff?

Neil: yeah we only want you to do a few little bits

And that was that I was to shoot my first wedding! As it transpired all that they wanted me to do was to take a couple of nice portraits. Which suited me perfectly. I remember a conversation I had with with Kevin O’Connor of the London Photographic Association (terrible name drop there!) a few years ago about shooting a wedding by only doing portraits! well here was my chance to try just that.

So it was off to Kingscote Barn near Tetbury in the Cotswolds for the wedding and the beautiful and unpredictable British weather, of all the weekends in an unseasonably warm and dry October it decided it was going to rain!

Matt Bristow Wedding Photography

I couldn’t resist the classic first dance silhouette shot. One camera, one light set up.

Matt Bristow Wedding Photography

Here’s a quick selection of a few of the rest. Well I couldn’t resist taking a few extra ones during the day. I also made the decision to shoot all this lot in black and white as I hadn’t shot any B&W in a while and also the light temperature was very strange at the venue!

Neil and Ros Wedding, Kingscote Barn

Would I shoot a whole wedding if asked? possibly but it would have to be along the same lines as this one!

Congratulations Mr and Mrs Bodsworth it was a fantastic day.

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