Photojournalist Matt Bristow

Photojournalist Matt Bristow

Photojournalist Matt Bristow

Photojournalist Matt Bristow – a brief history. As a freshly qualified freelance photographer I headed to America and worked as an in-house product photographer. Based in Philadelphia. On my return to the UK I thought it best to have a brief sabbatical. So I worked in various advertising agencies as an art director. Latterly owning my own internet development agency. This brief sabbatical lasted a mere fifteen years!

On my return to professional photography I set about offering a photographic service that I had wanted when I was an art director. Creativity and quality lead. Without any prima donna attitude and at a price that matches realistic working budgets. A number of years later I am proud to say that I feel I am true to my aims and still offer the same creative and quality lead service to my clients.

Photojournalist Matt Bristow

Today I  offer my clients a wide range of photographic services which include:

    • Press, PR and Sport Photography
    • Personal and Business Portraiture
    • Commercial and Product Photography
    • Event Photography
    • Aerial Photography

I like the variety of the work that I do. I really honestly cannot say that I prefer any photography discipline more than any other. One day I can find myself covering a major sporting event. The next day an editorial shoot in a studio or a PR shoot in the engine room of a cruise liner. Variety as they say is the spice of life.

I am a member of the British Press Photographers Association, Sports Journalists Association and the International Sports Press Assocoiation and carry a full UK Press card.

I also have a separate Automotive Photographic website which can be found at which showcases my motorsport and automotive work.

Oh and I’m quite partial to Social media Facebook, Twitter and  Instagram so Like, Friend and follow.

Photojournalist Matt Bristow

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  1. Peter Murphy

    Hello Matt Are you The Matthew Bristow mentioned on Bloomberg as a Photojournalist covering The Colombian Election?


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