Rielly Cycleworks at Copper Rivet Distillery

Rielly Cycleworks at Copper Rivet Distillery – Cycling PR in a Distillery

Rielly Cycleworks at Copper Rivet Distillery – Towards the end of 2017 I was asked to do a PR shoot with a slight difference.

Rielly Cycleworks at Copper Rivet Distillery

Simple set up for ease of movement

The job was to take promotional shots of a thorough-bred racing bicycle built by the renowned Reilly Cycleworks at The Copper Rivet Distillery in Chatham, Kent. Therefore, it was easy to agree to the job as both elements are something that interest me! I basically had a free hand on the creativity as well.

It also gave me the opportunity to properly road test some Godox ad200 flash heads I had been playing around with. More on them another time.

The setup was simple. Just three heads which were easy and quick to move around when I needed to.


Its very much like shooting a car feature. You need to show the whole thing then pick out pieces of detail, In this case the detail pieces were components from sponsors so very important to include everything.

Rielly Cycleworks at Copper Rivet Distillery

Carl Strugnell’s custom Reilly carbon race bike shot at Copper Rivet Distillary in Chatham.

The third strobe I gelled to get the green detail in the background. Here are a few of the detail images.

Theres always one image in a shoot like this thats a standout favorite for me it was this one. I used a lesser know technique called the Brenizer Method. More on that here.

An image stack using the Brenizer Method

If you’d like to know more about Karl’s Reilly Cycleworks bike theres a full article on Pez Cycling News

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