Kent Freelance Photographer – February

Kent Freelance Photographer – February may be the shortest month but there’s always loads to be doing and planning for the year ahead.

Kent Freelance Photographer. Well February came and went. As usual blink and you’ll miss it! As the country slowly started to recover from the worst winter storms in living memory. I was busy planning what I am going to cover this year. Not easy as so much stuff clashes!

Due to the weather I found myself in the studio shooting looking at some product work. I was finally starting to have a play with TriggerTrap which is an amazing phone app and little box of tricks that you can use to trigger your camera in a load of interesting ways in a very accurate way.

Kent Freelance Photographer

High Speed Photography – Falling Dice

Something I have meaning to do for ages is to start to shoot some Kent Landscapes again when I get the time. On the way back from some press work I stopped at Kingdown Beach and shot a few frames. Needless to say this image is not what the camera actually captured. It is a technique (which if I get enough interest I’ll put a little ‘How To’ up) Its not HDR by the way.

Kent Freelance Photographer

Kingsdown Beach, Kent

It was nice to start the 2014 motorsport season. This year it all started with a bit of skidding at Lydden Hill. Galleries can be found here.

Kent Freelance Photographer

Lydden Hill, Drift Day 15th February 2014

The later in the month Rallycross got underway with the annual test day before the first round of the British Championship later on in March.

Kent Freelance Photographer - Lydden Hill, Drift Day 15th February 2014

Rallycross Test Day 22nd February

I don’t think I have so eagerly awaited a rallycross season to get underway. The much publicized World Rallycross Championship will undoubtedly change the sport for the better. I will be avidly following it whether I am covering it as a photographer or watching it as a fan. Especially as Jacques Villeneuve will be racing in it this year. He was at Lydden testing in his Albatec Supercar and was blindingly fast.

Kent Freelance Photographer - Jacques Villeneuve

Jacques Villeneuve, Testing his Rallycross Albatec Peugeot 208 Supercar at Lydden Hill Race Circuit, Kent. 22nd February 2014.

If you want to see more picture of Jacques take a look on my automotive website where I have put some.

I have also been busy with press work. Covering as usual a varied selection of events throughout Kent. GEEK 2014 Expo was a challenge as it was held in the Winter Gardens in Margate, with all the lights off! So a little lateral thinking was in order as I didn’t want to blast my pictures with flash and loose the atmosphere.

Kent Freelance Photographer - GEEK 2014 Games Expo

GEEK 2014 Games Expo East Kent

The closest I came to covering any sport was an impromptu press shoot of skating. Which was actually the first time I had shot any skating. I quite fancy doing some more.

Kent Freelance Photographer - Lark Indoor Fun Day

James ‘Stub’ Barnes-Miller. Lark Indoor Fun Day, loads of activities – action, art craft, facepainting etc etc THis is put on by Pipeline – Thanet Extra’s charity of the year.