Kent Photographer – 2013 A Retrospective

As a Kent Photographer, to say planning this post was hard would be an understatement!

Looking through my catalog for 2013 which numbers around 50,000 images all edited! This year I really tried to be harsher and keep less! So what I have decided to do is to select just one image from every month and try and convey the impossible variety of work I do! So here goes. One image from each month, with not much comment…


Spent a bit of time this year shooting Premiership football for the guys at SportPix

Kent Photographer | Sport

Jussi Jaaskelainen (22) saves an Arsenal attempt


I shot less celebrity stuff this year. However I am still a bit undecided how much I’ll do in 2014.

Kent Photographer | Pemiers

Stars Denise Van Outen and Sarah Harding. Run For Your Wife Film Premier. Odeon Leicester Square,


This years motorsport season was the best yet. It was a conscious effort to focus a little more. The track days are still awesome fun and I’m looking forward to continuing a great relationship in 2014 as the official photographer at Lydden Hill where Willie Woods and his team are really making a gigantic difference.

Kent Photographer | Motorsport

Lydden Hill | BMCRC Sidecar Testing | 9th March 2013


IMG started running the FIA European Rallycross Championship with a restructure to the FIA Rallycross RX and wow! what a difference! Here’s possibly one of my favorite motorsport frames this year. I not only cover the European and British Rallycross Championships doing team media for a lot of drivers but also for Still at time of writing this I am trying to sort out plans to cover the newly announced World Rallycross Championship. Fingers crossed.

Kent Photographer | Rallycross

Kevin Errikson at 2013 FIA European Rallycross Championship, Round 1 Rallycross of Great Britain, presented by Monster Energy.


I probably shot more gigs this year than before. The head and shoulders most successful frame over everything else I shot  is this one of Justin Young, lead singer of The Vaccines. Corbis keep sending me money for this frame, not sure where its being used, but long may it last!

Kent Photographer | Event

Justin Young. The Vaccines play Margate Winter Gardens, Kent. 01/05/2013


Did a few Royal duties this year as well. Even to the point that prince Andrew tried to run me down in a golf cart!

Kent Photographer | Royal Cverage

Her Majesty The Queen visiting The Argyll & Sutherlander Highlanders, 5th Battalion, Royal Regiment of Scotland, (5 SCOTS) at Howe Barracks, Canterbury on Friday 28th June.


Holiday for the first time in years 🙂

Kent Photographer | landscapes


Every so often I get to go and take pictures of my photographic heroes. I was lucky enough to do an editorial portrait shoot of John Cross who’s legendary images of Koo Stark are well known.

Kent Photographer | Press Photographer

Photographer John Cross, who is exhibiting his work at the Golf Road Centre.


One of the few premiers did this year was ‘Diana’ unwittingly capturing David Emanuel as ‘another’ where in a couple of months after this he would be the toast of the UK down to his involvement in I’m a Celebrity!

Kent Photographer | Matt Bristow

David Emanuel. World Premier of Diana. Odean, London.


Did a wedding for a mate, was a great day more here

Kent Photographer | Wedding photographyNovember

I shot a ton of sport this year. One of my favorite events was the ATP Finals for obvious reasons.

Kent Photographer | Sport Photography

Barclays ATP World Finals. Group B singles match between Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer. Roger Federer returns the ball.


This year more then any other I have shoot more regional press and editorial work. Its something I love more than anything else. Don’t get me wrong covering big high profile events or shooting celebrities is great but meeting everyday people who are doing ordinary things but also sometimes some extra-ordinary things is very, very rewarding. By the way I probably have shots of 50+ Santa’s from this year!

Kent Photographer | Press Photographer

Herne Bay town centre, Mortimer Street. Christmas showcase market stalls during day & light switch on.

So that in a very, very small 12 picture nutshell was my year.

New year is a time to reflect and make resolutions. I think if its all the same to you I’ll just keep doing what I do!

However there’s a couple of things I’d like to do more of in 2014 the first just requires me to get out of bed and that shoot more landscapes! The second is that I have realized I haven’t worked with any models during 2013 and that’s something I’d like to do more of in 2014, so if you want to collaborate get in touch!

Happy New year to all friends and clients both new and old here’s to an awesome 2014.

Kent Press Photographer – Sport and Her Majesty!

This is the time of year as a kent press photographer I spend most of my working days covering school sports days and atheletics meetings

Its all about the facial expressions and the achievments for event coverage, its what parents want to see, but as a Kent press photographer I cant help but focus on the action!

Kent Press Photographer

However I did find time for a few other assignments!

Between the 17th and 21st I was accredited to cover the 118th Amateur Golf Championships at Royal Cinque Ports in Deal. When I applied I had thought it was going to be an easy week a bit of work walking around a nice sunny links course. I couldn’t have been more wrong! torrential rain and hurricane strength wind

Kent Press Photographer

It was very hard work but hugely enjoyable, especially as it was right on the door step and didn’t require traveling.

Congratulations to Garrick Porteous on his well played victory.

Kent Press Photographer

The 5 Scots  have been part of Canterbury for 10 years and are leaving at the end of this year, so anything to do with them is a good job to cover. So when the battalian exercised their freedom of the city by marching through the high street it was an easy decision to go and do it. Stuff like this is all about finding that angle that nobody else has high low, infront. Sometimes you have to get in the way! if the band members looking at me weren’t playing I think they would be pointing and laughing at me!

Kent Photographer

I also managed to get on some scaffolding to get some high shots, which only cost me a few beer vouchers. But alas all the shots were totally shite. So as you can probably tell I worked hard at this one. So in the cathedral yard I casually snapped the mascot entering to check my flash was working OK before the march arrived. This was the image that the Daily Telegraph picked up on! (page 6 on the 16th if anyones interested)

The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, 5th Battalion the Royal regiment of Scotland (5SCOTS) will exercise its Freedom of Canterbury.

This also lead onto an invite to go and cover the Queens visit to Howe Barracks

Kent Photographer


Earlier in the month I also got to go and do an editorial portrait of the voice of Big Brother none other than Marus Bentley

Kent Press Photographer