Fashion and Beauty Photography- Don’t look back in Anger

Fashion and Beauty Photography. Not a phrase you would expect to find associated with a Press and PR Photographer and certainly not with a Sports Photographer, but in the dark and distant past it was something I did a lot of!

Fashion and Beauty Photography
I was lucky to work with many very talented individuals which included models, MUA’s, Hairstylists, Designers and Stylists. I’m always pretty amazed to hear about the heights they have all risen to!

It kind of all started by mistake when the PR of a designer named Pierre Garroudi called me and asked if I’d like to shoot some of his cloths! I just seized the opportunity and kind of made it up as I went along!

Fashion and Beauty Photography

Pierre Garroudi collection shot at The Drop Redoubt on Dover’s Western Heights

From then on I just tried to make the shoot ideas more creative, challenging myself and the people I was working with what would (and wouldn’t) work. So over a period of time I tried to drown, smoke and bury models!

I was also lucky enough to work at some awesome locations, I think my one of my favorite ones was St Augustines Priory in Kent. Where I wanted to shoot a ‘Beauty in Decay’ themed shoot. Featuring Couture Italian Wedding Dresses and a whole hoard of pigeons who were not enamoured with the idea of us using their penthouse!

Fashion and Beauty Photography

Another great location I shot in more then once is the little known Dover Transport Museum

Fashion and Beauty Photography

More Retro

There are too many great shoot I did to mention them all, so here are a few of my favorites pulled from the archives.

I even shot at the mad circus that is London Fashion Week a couple of times.

Fashion and Beauty Photography

Pam Hogg. London Fashion Week AW13/14

So why all this misty eyed reminiscing? Well I’m thinking of starting to do some beauty work again. So if we have worked together before or not get in touch, like, share or comment. I have a few ideas I’d like to explore creatively, but I am more than welcome to collaborate on ideas that you may have. I think I’d like to do something with explosions……erm maybe not! but then again…….

Press Photographer Kent – A wet start to 2014

Press Photographer Kent – So the start of 2014 will be remembered for torrential rain, floods and biblical wind.

Press Photographer Kent. It’s been a very frustrating start to the year. With event after event being cancelled due to the weather. So I’m not going to mention that again! But there have been some nice sunny winter days. A couple of which I was out and about with my camera. Working in the beautiful winter sun.

Early on in January. I was sent to cover the Greek Orthodox Blessing of the Seas ceremony. Which takes place on Margate beach. I had never even heard about this but it made for some really nice frames.

Margate is the setting for a Blessing of the Seas in the Greek Orthodox celebrations at Epiphany (6th January) marking the baptism of Christ.  Margate was chosen for the honour in the mid-twentieth century because there is a large community of Greek Cypriot residents in the town. It’s organised by the local  Greek Orthodox Church whose Archishop leads the devotions and begins at the church of St Michael the Archangel. After a short service  a procession of many dignitaries in full regalia, both religious and civic, follows the piper to Marine Sands & the beach . Doves are released, prayers given and  a decorated cross is hurled into the waters to be retrieved by a young diver for the Archbishop.

I’ve also been doing a lot of PR Photography and editorial portraiture work. For various magazines. Along the way. I have met some amazing and brave people.

Press Photographer Kent  - Charlotte Naylor who has Lupus

Charlotte Naylor who was diagnosed with Lupus aged 23 after developing blood clots on her lungs and legs. She had a stroke in 2012 caused by the condition and has memory problems since. Shot for You! Magazine

Quite unsurprisingly sport photography has been a rare experience. Mainly because of the weather. The wettest since the 1700’s apparently! With cancellations and postponements the norm rather than the exception:

Press Photographer Kent  - Rugby Union Canterbury v Taunton Titans in National 2 South.

Guy Hilton (10) on the break with Hooker Mark Livesey (1) in support. Canterbury Rugby Club Merton Lane Nackington Road. Canterbury v Taunton Titans in National 2 South.

I have also been out scouting locations for some upcoming personal projects. On one such day I was checking out Dover’s Western Heights. I took this panoramic of Dover looking back over Farthinghoe and Maxton.

Press Photographer Kent  - Dover Western Heights

Dover, Grand Shaft – Undicovered Kent

Dover, Grand Shaft – Undicovered Kent. Revisiting old work.

On a recent Michael Portillo BBC 2 programme called Great British Railway Journeys. They featured the Grand Shaft in Dover. I happened to have my laptop open at the time and remembered, that a couple of years ago I had managed to get myself invited to a closed door visit and shot a few frames of it so here they are.

Dover, Grand Shaft - Undicovered Kent | Matt Bristow

Dover, Grand Shaft - Undicovered Kent | Matt Bristow

Dover, Grand Shaft - Undicovered Kent | Matt Bristow

Dover, Grand Shaft - Undicovered Kent | Matt Bristow

Dover, Grand Shaft - Undicovered Kent | Matt Bristow

It really is a magical place. I wont go into the finer point of this triple helix stairway but if you want to know more go and take a look at the Western Heights Preservation Society’s website they are doing some amazing work