Tour Series – British Team Cycling Action

Tour Series – The Pearl Izumi Tour Series. 10 rounds of close and fast cycling in the center of British cities and free to watch.If you like cycling its awesome, if you don’t its something you will never forget!

Tour Series. As a sports photographer I personally love covering road cycling. I have covered The Tour of Britain before and countless regional events but never The Tour Series. this year I was down to cover Round 8 in Canary Wharf and Round 9 in Woking. All the circuits are tight and most importantly short 1km – 1.5km respectively.

I picked up with the action at Round eight at Canary Wharf. The course is basically a loop within one of the most famous financial areas in the world. Whats not to like?

Tour Series - Pearl Izumi Tour Series 2014. Round 8 Canary Wharf

Pearl Izumi Tour Series 2014. Round 8 Canary Wharf

The race lasts for an hour plus 5 laps.


From Canary Wharf the Tour Series moved to Woking for round 9, where the final round of the Matrix Fitness GP was to reach its thrilling climax. Where Scottish cyclist Eileen Roe would clinch not only the round but the whole series title.

Tour Series - Pearl Izumi Tour Series 2014. Round 9 Woking

Scottish Cyclist Eileen Roe of team Starley Primal who took the round and overall title. Matrix Fitness GP Series 2014.  Woking.

Matrix Fitness GP

Next race was of course round 9 of the Pearl Izumi Series and making a return was the current leader in the Sprint challenge NFTO Pro Cycling rider Welshman Jon Mould.

Pearl Izumi Tour Series 2014. Round 9 Woking

Jon Mould (65) of NFTO Pro Cycling on his way to securing the sprint title for the round and to retain the green jersey.

The series moved onto its final rounds in Jersey after this which unfortunately I was unable to cover, perhaps year year!

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